The Why We Should Talk….and a little about how I got here.
HI!  My name is Stephen Cannoy.
Are you looking for someone to create timeless art from the experiences of your life that you want to cherish forever, then please keep reading. If you are someone who appreciates the art of creating a photograph as opposed to having someone snap some images, then please, let’s chat.            You are my people!               I generally approach weddings with more of a photojournalistic style focusing on capturing the real candid emotions that are happening around me.  When it comes time to do the portraits, I am more hands on and do offer some direction.

 I fell in love with wedding photography after my first wedding.  I reluctantly said yes after being asked to help cover a wedding back in 2004.  It was that wedding that opened my eyes to what was being asked of me.  I wasn’t only being asked to just document the day’s events, but to reproduce my interpretation of how I saw it.  After realizing I was capturing moments in time of events that were fleeting, gone in mere seconds, of some of the most spectacular slivers of time in a family's life, I was hooked.  Capturing dads crying at the fact that their daughter was no longer their little girl, preserving memories of family members who just a short time later would be gone.  Those things combined with the artistic freedom to create images the way I saw the world through my eyes was an incredibly moving and revered experience.

After doing this part time for several years, I started developing a deep anxiety that drove me to seek help.  My desire to be a full time professional photographer literally hurt.   What I figured out was I had reached a crossroads moment in my life to where I had to make a decision.  Deep down I knew what I needed to be doing to bring some sanity to my life.  I had a full time job that was less than fulfilling to say the least being a project manager for a general contractor.  All the while shooting weddings and thinking that this is what I wanted to be doing to bring me peace and pay my bills.  Fast forward a few years, I left the stable job and that crazy dream came true.  Now years later after chasing this crazy dream of mine, traveling for weddings and teaching photography at a college.  I have met some of the most amazing people from around the planet and got to share in their happy tears from their incredible events.
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