April and Nathan Island Party

What an awesome trip to Ocracoke.   If you have never been, do yourself a favor and make the journey.  It is a 16 mile island with one just one square mile of village.  The rest is uninhabited island with beaches you can drive on and find the perfect spot.  April and Nathan are one of the coolest couples to hang out with.   As a preface to my short story, we had never met face to face before the wedding.  The night before, Josh and I had went to see if would could find some live entertainment at Howard’s Pub .  As we were there enjoying the music a small crowd walked in that were obviously together and having a great time.   The most lively one of the bunch sits down next to me at the bar and before too long I can’t help but to be a part of of her story telling and reminiscing.   Before to long I am part of the group as we talk about all of things that make the planet go around while solving all of the world’s problems.  After a bit I ask what brings them all down here together and come to find out, it’s a wedding.  They asked me, and my reply was “to photograph your wedding!!”  As another tid bit to the story, the band The Whisky Rebellion that was playing was the band that would be jammin’ the next night at the reception.